Jason R. Papier, President

Jason Papier is the founder and president of Fluent Wealth Partners, LLC. Fluent is a financial planning firm dedicated to working with wealthy individuals, business owners, and nonprofit foundations to secure their financial future. The firm's compensation is derived solely from fees; that is, we receive no commissions on any investment or other products so that we may act as a fiduciary.

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Bob Manganaro, MBA, CFP

Bob is a partner and senior financial planner at Fluent Wealth Partners, LLC. Prior to working at Fluent, he was a financial planner at PWJohnson Wealth Management, a private wealth management firm in the Silicon Valley. Bob began his career in finance in the corporate sector, working for 20 years at various Fortune 500 companies, with the final 10 years spent at Cisco Systems.

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Lucy Lam

Lucy has over 15 years of experience working with high net worth individuals and families. She has been with Fluent Wealth Partners since its inception, serving as the Operations Manager. Prior to Fluent, Lucy worked at PWJohnson Wealth Management and in Comerica Bank's Private Banking division.

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