Tax Planning

Tax planning is an integral part of a complete approach to your finances. While your CPA will typically take the lead in this arena, there are quite a few planning strategies used to minimize taxes. Fluent will work with your accountant to implement those strategies that make the biggest impact to your financial well being.

You may own property which is not performing at its maximum capacity. We can help to do a tax free exchange into another piece of income producing property that provides higher returns. You may wish to give a gift of money to your children or grandchildren. We can help structure a note that allows for a large gift while not incurring gift taxes. You may have highly appreciating assets, like a business you’re going to sell or pre-IPO stock options. We can help you transfer assets to your heirs now, thereby reducing the gift tax.

For people with philanthropic intent, we can help to set up a family foundation or donor advised fund. This allows a family to gift assets to programs they deem fit and take a tax deduction as well.

Many people have losses from underperforming investments. We can help to harvest losses and minimize realized gains so that you pay lower taxes on your current investments. Other people may simply want to invest in assets that can give them a tax break. In any scenario Fluent can help minimize your taxes and accomplish the goals you set out.

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