Retirement Planning

Proper retirement planning takes foresight and a holistic approach. Whether your goal is to be able to retire early, continue working, leave a substantial amount of money to heirs or philanthropic organizations, or simply to pay for all your obligations and live a comfortable retirement, Fluent can help.

Using proprietary software we help you model various scenarios and develop a plan. We can tell you how much to save each year depending upon your goals, current savings and age. We can tell you how much you can spend in retirement depending upon how long you work and how much you save.

We can help you make that decision on whether to buy a vacation home, or even whether or not to pay off your current home. Should you pay for your child’s education up front or take advantage of inexpensive loans? Should you take Social Security at 62, 66, or 70? What about philanthropy? Gifting? We can help.

At Fluent our approach to retirement is unique. We understand that each person has a different view of retirement and we customize your plan to meet your goals. We can help you create a path that can be followed to your destination.

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