Investment Management

Investment management is core to what we do at Fluent. Every client has investment management needs and we treat each client as a unique investor. Unlike many firms, we do not have buckets that we fit clients into. No two investment plans are the same just as no two clients are the same.

Being independent and fee-only, we do not have incentives to sell certain products or pressure to push proprietary offerings. We are completely agnostic as to products; a client could have stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, annuities, commodities, real estate, oil, hedge funds, and alternative investments. We don’t differentiate when we charge and therefore have no incentives to push one investment over the other; all our decisions are based on what’s best for the client.

Our investment philosophy is based on a Nobel Prize winning approach call Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). Using MPT we can quantify the amount of risk a person has in their account. Typically we find that a person has much more risk than they thought which is why during downturns they may find they have lost a lot of money. We can help bring the risk in your portfolio into line with your goals. Once we have quantified the risk and adjusted it appropriately we try to maximize the return a person gets for that risk level.

Most of our clients tell us they have made a lot of money in the past and cannot afford to lose it. In other words, they cannot go back and make that money again. Therefore our primary goal is to mitigate losses from the market. Our secondary goal is to make as much as possible for the risk we’ve taken. We call this responsible growth. By growing a portfolio responsibly a client can be assured that their portfolio is designed to meet their goals.

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