Insurance Planning

In planning circles insurance is also known as risk management. It is an apt descriptor as the purpose of insurance is to reduce the impact of a catastrophic event. As fee-only planners we do not make commissions or receive any benefit from recommending insurance. Nonetheless, insurance is an important aspect of proper financial management and Fluent is here to help.

Some people need life insurance, but how much and what type? When buying life insurance it’s important to know why you’re buying it and how much is needed to accomplish your goals. How much is needed to replace your salary at death? Do you need to buy insurance to cover estate taxes at death? What if I own my own business, or have children who will attend college in the future? Should you carry insurance outside of your employers insurance? These are all important questions that need to be answered and we can help.

Of course insurance isn’t just life insurance. Do you have proper disability coverage?   What about an umbrella policy, how much makes sense? If I own investment property or a business do I have sufficient coverage to handle the myriad lawsuits that could come up?

And of course there is health insurance. Should you supplement Medicare? What if I’m not an employee, what are the costs and coverage? If I own a business what about my employees?

All these questions and many more need to be answered as part of proper risk management. While we do not sell insurance products, as they are commission based, we can help you navigate through the process and introduce you to the proper people to provide you coverage.

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