Integrated Planning Approach

integrated planningclick to viewAt Fluent we take pride in our ability to integrate various disciplines into one cohesive plan. You may find yourself saving for college for one or more kids, what plan is right and how do you invest it properly? How does tax planning, investing, or Social Security planning impact your retirement plan? When would you hold life insurance in a trust? We can help answer these questions and more.

With more sophisticated planning you may set up a trust that requires regular payouts to the grantor and your investments can be organized in such a way to protect principal and meet those regular payout schedules. You may also find that you have tax losses or gains and harvesting certain assets can help to offset any tax consequences. There are a myriad of combinations where these disciplines interconnect. Having an approach that weaves them all together creates a plan that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

Please click on the links below for an explanation of how Fluent can help in each area.

  • Investments - Reach your goals by maximizing returns for the right risk level for you.
  • Retirement Planning - Get peace of mind by crafting a long term accomplishable plan.
  • Estate Planning - Keep a family business, reduce taxes, and secure you families future.
  • Taxation - Minimize your taxes by strategically planning your financial decisions.
  • Insurance - Protect you and your family and lessen the impact of estate taxes.
  • College Education - Achieve your education goals while still reaching other financial goals.

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